Thai Airways First Class Trip report BKK – HKG


Thai Airways Flight 606
Bangkok (BKK) – Hong Kong (HKG)
Date: Feb 28, 2014
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
Seat: 3A Royal Silk (First Class)

So this flight was memorable for a number of firsts.  This was my first time flying a true international quality First Class product.  This was my first time tasting Dom Perignon Champange.

My excitement for this flight had been building for some time.  As I did my research I found there was a particular sweet spot in the US Airways Frequent Flyer program for which I had collected some miles, mostly through spending on credit cards.  For 40,000 miles, I could fly first class between two cities in North Asia Region where Usairways places both Hong Kong and Shanghai.  Now I could take a boring route, but to maximize my flight time I found availability on Thai airways via Bangkok.  For less miles than a First Class Domestic ticket (50,000 miles), I was able to book a ticket on a mixture of First and Business class on Thai Airways.  No disrespect to Usairways, but Thai international business and First class blows away any domestic First class service on usiarways.  I felt this was a steal and a chance to experience a luxurious method of travel for the first time.

My introduction to first class service began as I exited my flight from Shanghai to Bangkok which I reported on a few days ago.


I saw a sign with my name on it and was immediately escorted by a Thai Airways agent and driven via Electric Cart a fairly long distance down the terminal.  I was whisked through security and escorted to the Thai Airways First class lounge where I was taken to a private room that I had to myself.  This lounge was extremely nice with many amenities including free massage treatments at the Thai Airways SPA.  I didn’t have quite enough time for a massage, but I was a little hungry so I order some food off the menu presented on a IPAD.  I choose some mushroom soup and Thai Beef which hit the spot and were delicious.  Due to my short time in the lounge I didn’t get too many photos, but I will endeavor to visit this place again.


As my flight began to board, a lounge attendant escorted me and a number of other First Class passengers to our waiting Boeing 747.  As it turned out First Class was relatively full.  What’s more it was populated predominantly by Americans. I struck up some conversation with my fellow American First Class passenger and I quickly found out one guy was from the DC area, and the couple was from Rochester NY. The couple was on a similar trip as mine, extracting the most value possible from their hard-earned Miles and Points.  I could tell this immediately as their baggage had a tag for,  a website I have been a member of for over a decade. I had always wanted one of these tags and as parting gesture I was given an extra one by the couple, which I now burnish prominently on my backpack.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAs I boarded this relatively short 2.5 hours flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong.  I was grinning as I was greeted by several of the flight crew and shown to my window First Class Seat. The Seat was an extremely stylish and comfortable suite.  Although there wasn’t a closing door, it afforded a great deal of privacy.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe seat took up 4 full windows in the nose section on the first floor of this 747 jumbo jet.  This was by far the most space I’ve ever had to myself on a plane. I was quickly served a pre-departure beverage and I choose the champagne. This was my first taste ever of Dom Perginon vintage 2004.  I’m not much of a champagne expert, but I enjoyed the refreshing glass of bubbly. I was also given a hot towel and some headphones to use with the Inflight Entertainment system.

The seat was controlled by a tablet and folded down to a completely flat and comfortable bed.  I reclined briefly to completely flat on this flight,  but given the short length I won’t be able to give a good review on its sleeping comfort until this summer when I plan to fly Thai Airways between Munich and Bangkok.


We had a smooth takeoff and soon after we we reached cruising altitude the flight attendant came around and setup the incredibly large dining table that was stowed in the side console of the seat.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe meal started off with a pretty decent potato and leek soup, followed by beef tenderloin which I had preordered.


The Beef dish was OK, but I felt like there might be other choices that could be better.

BTW if you ever fly Thai airways in business or First I recommend you use Thai Airlines website to pre-order your meal.  I did this and was able to try a number of dishes I had always associated with First Class flying of the past. One of those dishes was Lobster Thermidor which I had on my return flight a few days later, and I thought was very tasty.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESLater I was served a cheese plate and some Thai desert.  Both of which had great presentation,  but I did not really care for and only sampled.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

After the meal service I tested out the Inflight entertainment on the humongous screen.  Although considering how far away you sit from the screen you need a really kick-ass flat screen.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESBefore I knew it was time to land.  It was at this point that the Thai Airways amazing ground service again kicked-in.  There were several electric carts to whisk us to the immigration lanes at Hong Kong Airport.  Those who have been to Hong Kong before know that this can be quite a long walk. After what seemed like several miles in an electric cart, I made it to passport control.  In no time I was on the Hong Kong Airport Express train to Kowloon.  I chatted up my fellow flyertalk first class buddies on the train ride and we exchanged stories of our extreme love of travel and the lengths we go to support our hobby. This was a great end to my day.  I am really look forward to my trip in the summertime where I get try Thai First class on a long-haul flight.  Unlike this first class sampler, the amenities will be even more luxurious with amenity kits, pajama’s, and turndown service.  I’m also looking forward to my first taste of airline caviar.  I can’t wait.


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