An Airport worthy of a Capital


So looking through my photos I realize that those of us who live in the DC area are lucky in that Reagan National Airport is really great.  It is by far the airport with the best view of the city from the terminal. I recently took these shots from the Delta Skyclub, which is a great place to view the action at Reagan with the backdrop of the Nation’s Capital.


My favorite airport lounge at Reagan is one I no longer have access to.  Back when it was a Continental Presidents’s club I could use my Northwest WorldClub membership to gain access.  It has been a few years since I visited this place that was once a VIP restaurant and still has beautiful Art-Deco elements from the Glamorous Days of aviation.  I’m hoping the United folks are taking good care of that space.


One of the downsides with DCA , is that there are a lot of Govt. and High-level Elite flyer that use it. So this make it hard to get upgrades on a lot of the flight from here.

On the otherhand the distance from Curb to Gate is pretty good compared to most metropolitan airports and the security lines are also usually manageable.  Add convenient metro access and this is really one the best airports in the country.


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