My Parents Go Plane Crazy! Trip Report: US Airways Business Class

So my Parents, believe it or not , are now pretty experienced travelers. They’ve been to Russia, South Africa, Hawaii, China, Alaska just to name a few places.  However, most of those trips have unfortunately been in coach. They’ve flown a number times in Domestic First Class, but they only recently got a chance to fly in a Lie-Flat Business Class seat.

IMG_0348 IMG_0338 IMG_0341

Another thing my parent do is plan Last Minute travel around their anniversary.  The most memorable time they did this was a few years ago when they told me a few days in advance that they wanted to go to Las Vegas for their Anniversary.  Of course they got Married in January right around the same time as the Consumer Electronics show.  That was some hard travel to book, but I digress.

This past January, my mom started getting some wanderlust.  My parents are also experienced Cruise people (Seven Celebrity Cruises and Counting) so I found them a really good deal on a cruise.  It was last-minute deal we booked only four days before the cruise started.  I booked them a Seven Night Caribbean Cruise on Celebrity for only $399 a person.  The catch was the cruise started and ended in San Juan and all the airplane tickets to San Juan were $500+,  more than the cruise itself.

Fortunately,  I have frequent flier miles in all the major US carriers (Delta, United, American).  I found saver level First class tickets with Usairways using my American Miles and booked Delta First Class for the trip back.  On the way to San juan most the trip was going to be on a USairways Airbus 330 which is configured with Business Class seats normally meant for flights flights to europe. This flight from Philadelphia to San Juan, while not a long flight, was long enough for my parents to enjoy comfortable sleeping on a plane.


IMG_0343 IMG_0340 IMG_0347


Despite the fact that my parents aren’t smiling, there were infact quite happy with their seats.  My mom said she had never been so comfortable on a plane and also spent most of the trip reclined in her lie-flat bed.  The downside was the trip back from San Juan was on Delta which uses a fairly ordinary domestic first class seat.  I think my parents have gotten spoiled.

I guess the next international trip I take them on will need to be at a minimum in business class.





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