First Flight on LAN airlines


This Flight was part of a big trip I was taking to South America.  Not only was this my first time flying LAN, this was my first time visiting South America. For this trip I got a really good deal on a business class flight  from MEX (mexico city) to IPC (Easter Island)  with stopovers in SCL (Santiago Chile) and LIM (Lima Peru).  My ticket cost a little over $1,000 although to be fair I did need to buy a ticket to get to Mexico City  from DC ( where I live), which cost another $500.    Still $1500 to fly to Easter Island mostly in business class and the chance to visit Chile and Peru,  was too tempting to resist.  This is actually cheaper than what it costs to fly coach from DC to Easter Island without any stopovers.  I found this deal on one of my favorite websites  The Flight Deal .  This particular airfare was  mainly for people in mexico, so I had to book this on the Expedia Mexico site.  This included one failed attempt that i needed to cancel.  Fortunately my friend Jessica speaks fluent Spanish and was able to cancel my reservation for me so I could book the dates I actually wanted.

LAN Flight 637
Lima, Peru (LIM) – Santiago, Chile (SCL)
Depart: 12:25AM
Aircraft: Boeing 767-300ER
Seat: 2C  Premium Business

This was a flight between two of LAN’s hubs.  This was a fairly memorable flight mainly because about twenty minutes into the flight I felt violently ill. I quickly rushed to the bathroom and started making the mental calculation of whether it was better to throw-up now or try not to thorw-up.  What had caused my sudden onset of illness?  The culprit was in fact, a cocktail  that both Chile and Peru claim as their national drink, the Pisco Sour.  The drink was my beverage shortly after takeoff and has a surprising amount of alcohol for a light and refreshing cocktail. Fortunately for me, after a few minutes in the bathroom, my body began to calm down from the sudden ingestion of alcohol, and I felt fine the rest of the flight.  Don’t let my tale prevent you from enjoying a Pisco sour though.  I happen to have an already low tolerance to alcohol and I probably drank this cocktail to fast at an altitude that already makes me even more tipsy than on the ground.  Let’s just say I recommend you enjoy your Pisco Sours at sea-level.


This flight was also memorable for the otherworldly view from the plane.  This was a red-eye flight and toward the end of the flight the sun rose over the Andes Mountains.

I have been on many other red-eye flights, but this was by far the most unique sunrise I had seen from a plane.

P1040070 P1040071

Other than these two memorable items the Seats on this flight were the standard lie-flat business seats found on most of the LAN 767 aircraft.  On the 767 LAN arranges the seats 6 across with   2-2-2  seating.  This is nice as there are no middle seats.


I found them to be a little tight on width, but, those that know me, know that I appreciate a wide airplane seat.  There was also a small locker for your shoes, but again with many lie-flat business class seats, storage is in limited supply.  The food and the amenity kit on this flight were not very memorable, but I believe this flight from LIM-SCL did not offer the same level of service you may get when flying LAN on some of its longer-haul flights.  I apparently ordered the Beef dish, but the flight attendants on this flight collected all the menus before landing.  This was disappointing as I usually like to keep my menu as a souvenir of the flight.


Still it was a very comfortable way to travel and I did manage to get a few winks of sleep using the very nice Duvet and Pillow provided.


The inflight entertainment was also pretty decent, this was not the most responsive IFE system but was definitely adequate for this trip.


All-in-All I was very happy with my LAN experience and would highly recommend it, as they are the only airline that services Easter Island and that is definitely a place I recommend you place on your bucket list.  Cheers!



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