So What’s Next? Trips Planned for 2014

2014 planned flights

So now that I’ve gotten done with a year worth of domestic Travel in two months, time to focus on the Fun Stuff.  Transoceanic International travel.

Most years I would not book a whole lot of travel really early in the year, but so far 2014 has been unusual.  First, a lot of airlines including Delta and United devalued their frequent flier program.  It suddenly got a lot more expensive to use my frequent flier miles for long trips in First and Business Class.  Not having actually flown international First class I went a little crazy when I found out that some trips would soon take twice the number of miles.  So what you are seeing on this map is mostly paid with Miles I’ve collected in the previous few years.

More specifically, I paid 70,000 United Miles to fly one-way from DCA (Washington Reagan Airport)- YYZ(Toronto) – MUC (Munich Germany) – BKK (Bangkok Thailand)  – HKG (Hong Kong).  I am returning on that same trip using 120,000 British Airways Avios Point to fly one way HKG (Hong Kong) – JFK (New York).

I also paid 90,000 American Airlines Miles to Fly IAD (Washington Dulles) – AUH (Abu Dhabi, UAE) – MLE (Maldives) with a return using 60,000 United Miles for MLE (Maldives) – IST (Istanbul) – IAD (Washington Dulles).

For those Keeping track that’s  340,000 miles and points on two roundtrip tickets.  Personally, I know that’s a little crazy, but then again spending twice those points would be even crazier.   Even crazier still would be having 340,000 miles and points and not using them for something.  In any case 2014 will be a year of really exciting flying for me and I can’t wait for my first international trip of 2014 which will be this week to Shanghai.  Expect a trip report soon.



From To Initial
8 segment path: 21052 mi
    BWI (39°10’31″N 76°40’06″W) ORD (41°58’46″N 87°54’27″W) 291.7°  (W) 622 mi
    ORD (41°58’46″N 87°54’27″W) PVG (31°08’36″N 121°48’19″E) 334.4°  (NW) 7057 mi
    PVG (31°08’36″N 121°48’19″E) BKK (13°40’52″N 100°44’50″E) 232.8°  (SW) 1798 mi
    BKK (13°40’52″N 100°44’50″E) HKG (22°18’32″N 113°54’53″E) 53.7°  (NE) 1049 mi
    HKG (22°18’32″N 113°54’53″E) BKK (13°40’52″N 100°44’50″E) 237.8°  (SW) 1049 mi
    BKK (13°40’52″N 100°44’50″E) PVG (31°08’36″N 121°48’19″E) 44.6°  (NE) 1798 mi
    PVG (31°08’36″N 121°48’19″E) ORD (41°58’46″N 87°54’27″W) 22.1°  (N) 7057 mi
    ORD (41°58’46″N 87°54’27″W) BWI (39°10’31″N 76°40’06″W) 104.4°  (E) 622 mi
5 segment path: 10089 mi
    DCA (38°51’07″N 77°02’16″W) JFK (40°38’23″N 73°46’44″W) 53.6°  (NE) 213 mi
    JFK (40°38’23″N 73°46’44″W) LAX (33°56’33″N 118°24’29″W) 273.9°  (W) 2475 mi
    LAX (33°56’33″N 118°24’29″W) HNL (21°19’07″N 157°55’21″W) 260.6°  (W) 2556 mi
    HNL (21°19’07″N 157°55’21″W) SLC (40°47’18″N 111°58’40″W) 52.6°  (NE) 2994 mi
    SLC (40°47’18″N 111°58’40″W) DCA (38°51’07″N 77°02’16″W) 82.6°  (E) 1851 mi
4 segment path: 5663 mi
    IAD (38°56’51″N 77°27’36″W) DFW (32°53’49″N 97°02’17″W) 255.2°  (W) 1172 mi
    DFW (32°53’49″N 97°02’17″W) SEA (47°27’00″N 122°18’42″W) 314.7°  (NW) 1660 mi
    SEA (47°27’00″N 122°18’42″W) DFW (32°53’49″N 97°02’17″W) 118.1°  (SE) 1660 mi
    DFW (32°53’49″N 97°02’17″W) IAD (38°56’51″N 77°27’36″W) 63.6°  (NE) 1172 mi
6 segment path: 19305 mi
    DCA (38°51’07″N 77°02’16″W) YYZ (43°40’38″N 79°37’50″W) 338.8°  (N) 359 mi
    YYZ (43°40’38″N 79°37’50″W) MUC (48°21’14″N 11°47’10″E) 50.3°  (NE) 4138 mi
    MUC (48°21’14″N 11°47’10″E) BKK (13°40’52″N 100°44’50″E) 81.5°  (E) 5474 mi
    BKK (13°40’52″N 100°44’50″E) HKG (22°18’32″N 113°54’53″E) 53.7°  (NE) 1049 mi
    HKG (22°18’32″N 113°54’53″E) JFK (40°38’23″N 73°46’44″W) 6.5°  (N) 8072 mi
    JFK (40°38’23″N 73°46’44″W) DCA (38°51’07″N 77°02’16″W) 235.6°  (SW) 213 mi
5 segment path: 20240 mi
    IAD (38°56’51″N 77°27’36″W) AUH (24°25’59″N 54°39’04″E) 43.7°  (NE) 7088 mi
    AUH (24°25’59″N 54°39’04″E) MLE (4°11’30″N 73°31’45″E) 134.9°  (SE) 1876 mi
    MLE (4°11’30″N 73°31’45″E) HKG (22°18’32″N 113°54’53″E) 61.5°  (NE) 2976 mi
    HKG (22°18’32″N 113°54’53″E) JFK (40°38’23″N 73°46’44″W) 6.5°  (N) 8072 mi
    JFK (40°38’23″N 73°46’44″W) IAD (38°56’51″N 77°27’36″W) 240.4°  (SW) 228 mi
5 segment path: 20253 mi
    DCA (38°51’07″N 77°02’16″W) JFK (40°38’23″N 73°46’44″W) 53.6°  (NE) 213 mi
    JFK (40°38’23″N 73°46’44″W) HKG (22°18’32″N 113°54’53″E) 352.1°  (N) 8072 mi
    HKG (22°18’32″N 113°54’53″E) MLE (4°11’30″N 73°31’45″E) 251.3°  (W) 2976 mi
    MLE (4°11’30″N 73°31’45″E) IST (40°58’34″N 28°48’50″E) 319.0°  (NW) 3751 mi
    IST (40°58’34″N 28°48’50″E) IAD (38°56’51″N 77°27’36″W) 309.6°  (NW) 5240 mi
Total: 96601 mi

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