My Family Goes Plane Crazy! Part 2: Virgin Clubhouse Dulles Airport


Virgin Atlantic has had a Clubhouse in Dulles Airport for about as along as I’ve been flying out of Dulles.  I have passed by it many times over the years wondering what cool stuff was inside.  So when it finally came time for a trip there I made sure we arrived early so we could spend some quality time in the lounge.


The Lounge is not large but never seemed crowded.  There was modern furniture as you’d expect given the Virgin brand.  The lounge has a small seating area on a separate level, but I did not see anyone up there or any additional amenities up there.


We decide to setup on the large sectional couch tucked into a corner of the lounge.


Once situated we decided to order some food off the lounge menu so we moved to the dining area


I personally felt the Menu and Table service gave the lounge a much more First than business class feel,  however, the lack of any self-service Buffet, was a black mark against the lounge for my Parents.  They said they enjoyed the Air France Lounge up the hallway a lot more.  Its funny how peoples opinions differ.

IMG_0461 IMG_0460

Between the four of us we were able to sample a good section of menu including the burger, chicken vindaloo, Cod, and smoked salmon.  My brother and I both tried the Sitcky Tofee Pudding.



All the food had excellent presentation and was tasty.   I wouldn’t quite go so far as saying it was restaurant quality, as I suspect they cut some corners since I don’t think there is a full restaurant kitchen in the back of this lounge.  However, it is in rarefied air at least in comparison to the other lounges at Dulles.  The only exception being the Etihad Lounge which is amazing.  I enjoyed my trip to the Dulles Clubhouse and I suggest you make some extra time for it when travelling Virgin Upperclass or Qatar Business class from Dulles airport.



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