Around the World in 4 Days



So I am getting very excited for what is the craziest trip I have ever taken.  I will spend the next Four days traveling around the world a total of 19,305 miles.

This trip is not only most I’ve ever traveled in a four day period.  Its also the biggest expenditure of miles I’ve ever made.  I used 70,000 United Miles to get me from DC to Hong Kong, via Toronto Munich and Bangkok.  120,000 British Airways miles to get from Hong-Kong to New York.  I bought a ticket for my last leg JFK-DCA.

Why did I do this?  Well this is a trip about the journey not the destination.  Until this year I have never flown in International First Class.  Many airlines including United have been devaluing their Frequent Flier programs, so I decided if I ever want to try international First class this was the time.

I am very much looking forward to experiencing the  international First Class experience offered by Lufthansa, Thai Airways, and Cathay Pacific.  Each of these long flights should feature some excellent meals and service.  As well as hopefully three more pairs of Pajamas.  Expect a full trip report when I get back.




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