Big Gas Savings, $70 of Free GAS EXPIRES: Jul. 10

If you live near a Giant Grocery store, you may be able to take advantage of a really good promotion. Right now you can buy Visa Gift Cards from Giant and earn Four Gas rewards points on every dollar spent.  I recommend buying the $500 Visa Gift Card like the ones below to earn 2000 Giant Gas rewards points.


Visa gift cards do come with a fee so your total cost will be $505.95.  But with your 2000 gas points you will save $2.00 off the price of gas on your next fill-up of up to 35 gallons.  I suggest you take some gas cans or get a family member/friend to bring an extra car so you can use all 35 gallons of savings and save $70.  In addition, if you buy this visa gift card using a credit card that earns miles or points,  you will also generate some extra value.  In my Case I have used both an American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card and the Bank of America Cash Rewards Card.

NUS000000174_160X101_STRAIGHT card11

Both Cards offer 2X at grocery stores, there are several other card out there that will give you either 2 points or 2% cash back or more.  Two percent back on $505.95 is $10.12,  so you can effectively earn cash back as well as GAS Savings.

The next hard part of this deal is what do you do with a $500 Visa Gift Card.  There are several relatively easy ways to use this gift card.  You can send money to a friend/spouse/family member using Amazon Payments.  You can then have that same person deposit that money into a checking account and write you a check for $500.  The limit for Amazon payments is $1000 in personal transactions per month

You can also Pay bills using Evolve Money.  This service will allow you to pay utility bills and even mortgages using Debit Cards including Visa Gift card that have debit capabilities like the ones I bought from this deal.  They do limit this to 4 transactions per Bill per month.  So using this on a bill that is more than $2000 is not recommended.

There are also many other ways to liquidate these card that involve increasing degrees of complexity including buying moneys orders at Walmart using American Express Bluebird or Serve Card. Other bloggers have written extensive how-to on this that can be found here.

I am going to be making use of this deal a number of times before it Ends on July 10.  I only hope my Giant does not run out of gift cards.



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