Business Class Fare War: Tickets to Europe in July under $1500

So it looks like the Airlines are fighting each other on price.

This is a good thing for consumers, although this time around its only on business class fares to select cities.  Now this is a deal, but not cheap.  Economy Class tickets to Europe are usually quite expensive in Summer, so the deal is getting a Business Class seat for around the same cost as Economy during this Peak Season.

Here are some examples:

Washington to Paris –  Business Class  $1554

Washington to Istanbul – Business Class $1397

Baltimore to Rome – Business Class  $1477

Washington to Moscow  – Business Class  $1966

I decided to Book a ticket to Istanbul over the July 4th weekend. If you have any plans to go to europe this July I’d take a look at these fares.  But do it quick, these fares will not last long.



One thought on “Business Class Fare War: Tickets to Europe in July under $1500

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